Sunday, January 11, 2009

Come Away With Me. . .

Are traffic and herds of people getting you down this winter? Is it getting harder and harder to breath from the dense pollution that lingers in the Seoul air? Why not take a holiday to the luscious countryside of Boseong in the winter.

Take a luxury bus through the scenic hillsides of South Korea. . .

Stay at the luxurious Boseong Tourist Motel and feel like you are staying in this castle all by yourself.

Looking for a romantic getaway? Look no further. Boseong is the perfect place to fall in love again with your special someone. Long walks on the beach are so passé when you can have a long walk along the frozen green tea plantations. Sooo romantic !
Hungry? Don't look too far, because one of the tastiest treats is actually in your backyards or just 5 minutes away. Ah... enjoy some fresh cabbage from the organic Boseong cabbage patches!
With so much beautiful architecture, it would be hard to get bored in such a town. Just wander around the neighborhoods and you will find plenty of inspiration. Not to mention ancient history. . .check out these ruinsYou can also find the lovely fabric collections for your home

Gardens, you ask? Of course! This is just a sample of one of the many delightful thorn gardens.

Most decisions for me are made spontaneously, especially when it comes to travel, so when Chandra and Aim invited me to Boseong for a weekend getaway from Seoul, it was easy to say yes. I knew very little about Boseong, but I find that it is best to know less about a destination, because you have fewer expectations which also means fewer disappointments. I did know that the area is known for its lush emerald green tea plantations and that it took roughly 4 and a half hours to get there by bus. I was just excited to get out of Seoul for a couple of days. We nearly missed our bus, because we all woke up late.

We arrived in Buseong at about 1:30 lost and confused. Problem number one- because we woke up late, we left in a hurry, leaving behind our English/Korean dictionaries. Luckily, we are good at making hand gestures, because we were definitely not in Seoul anymore and the chance that anyone spoke or understood English or Thai were pretty slim. We were confused because the Boseong that we were dropped off at definitely did not look like the pictures from Google Images. This Boseong was a ghost town and it was definitely not green like the pictures. Winter had killed everything pretty. Well, we were there and couldn't go anywhere else, so we went to our hotel, which looked like it was haunted. I think we were just about the only guests in the hotel besides maybe two other people. The hotel itself looked like it had been through some stress on the outside, but maybe when it was first built, it could have been pretty.

After we settled, we wandered the empty streets in search of food. Unfortunately, everything was closed. It was Saturday afternoon and every restaurant was closed. Soo weird. So finally after an hour and a half walk around the entire town, we followed the chicken delivery bike and found food. We entered the chicken restaurant and pointed to two random things on the menu... it was better to keep it a surprise in order to add a little excitement to our trip. Then we started taking soju shots and mixing it with beer. After an hour of our fun, we decided it was best to leave before we got drunk and stashed the remainder of the Soju in my purse.

It was now almost 5pm, and we wandered back to the hotel, getting stared at along the way. At the hotel, we played drinking games and then took a nap until 10pm. Then when we all woke up, we watched television and asked the desk attendant to order us pizza. Back to bed. The next morning, we missed our bus, and I nearly freaked out. Everything worked out, but instead of getting home at 1:30, we got home at 4:30. I am well rested and so happy to be back in Seoul!

This was a sign in our hotel room. hahaa I almost had to use it... If I had to stay another night, that emergency kit would have been open and I would have jumped out.

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