Tuesday, February 17, 2009

꽃보다 남자

Lately, it seems I have become a bit desperate for indoor entertainment. I shouldn't complain, because Seoul definitely has a lot to offer, but the cold has made me lazy. 
My newest addiction is a Korean television series called 꽂보 다 자 (Boys Before Flowers). Normally, I don't get sucked into television series, because I find it hard to focus on them. I usually use movies or TV shows as background noise while I do other unimportant things, but I am completely sucked into this show. I haven't been into a show like this one since The O.C. I don't know how this has happened.  However if you are looking for a G rated show about rich kids, love triangles, scandals, and very sexy Korean men, then I highly recommend this show. The best way to describe it is a combination of Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl. 
The main plot is about an average Korean girl who gets into the elitist school by chance and somehow befriends the school's richest bullies. The show is pretty awkward- just how I like it. 
The show's major downfall for me are the three songs that they play over and over in every episode. Not to mention they play them at the most inappropriate moments. 
The show is very popular here in Korea- everyone from my seven year old students to their mothers watch it. 
Here is a little snippet of my students explaining the show a bit and then singing two of the three songs.  My kids randomly break out in song in class. I love it. 

To watch the show with English subtitles, go to www.mysoju.com/boys-before-flowers
Currently, there are only 13 episodes as the show is just in its first season, but there are two new episodes each week. 

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