Monday, September 22, 2008

Cribs, expat edition

Alas... Some photos of my apartment.
This is the outside of my apartment building. I could probably never leave and still manage to survive. I have a gym, several restaurants (with room service- they deliver to chez moi), a bakery, a 7eleven, a christian dance club (I still haven't figured out what this is), a barber shop, a tool shop, and many other amenities yet to be discovered. This one building is protected by a sweet old man who I like to call my security guard. 

Bienvenue chez moi... à Charmant. My apartment is called Charmant- which is "Charming" in French. 

"And this is where the magic happens. . ." or not. Here is the view when you first enter my apartment. It's pretty standard- bed, desk (that is multi-functional and can be used as a table), the kitchen, and a window. 
This is my kitchen where I cook and do laundry. The cupboard with the cupcakes lined across the top is actually a fridge. 
Here is a glimpse into my fridge. I stock up on water since I don't want lead poisoning. I have all the basics- A1 sauce, milk, salad, Prego, and that black bag actually has a special treat of kimbap!
Here we have my bathroom. I bought a shower curtain rod, broke it because I couldn't figure it out, but in the end it worked out better this way- since it doesn't really fit, I have it stuck to the wall at an angle which creates a larger space in my shower. 
And this is my entertainment center/laundry room/foyer. I have the greatest cable-one english channel and several Korean soap operas (amaaazing!). 
As far as laundry goes. . . I never really liked pulling warm fluffy towels that smelt like lavender just after their dry cycle anyways. The laundry process takes a while- about an hour to wash and 12 to dry. So vintage! I love it! Plus, I am saving energy and electricity by not using the dryer. 


Anne said...

Looking forward to a full report on the christian dance club (plus photos please!)! ;-)

dhs hubert said...


Dave Hubert (Your dad's old officemate in the Army).

Well, you seem to have discovered the wonderful world of travel without having to hump a rucksack, carry a weapon, and eat nasty (government provided) food like your dad and I did... congratulations. And there I though that you were just another cheerleader.

Niki's dad said...

Hey Niki,

Where is the mirror ball?

Niki said...

of course I am not just another cheerleader. lol and what mirror ball? I'm confused. lol

dhs hubert said...

A disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

Niki said...

haha I thought about that afterwards... I don't know what a mirror ball is though lol I know I should probably think about one of those... I may get a chandelier- I am sure I can find a cheap one somewhere here lol

Niki said...

by the way I have another blog address for photos

dhs hubert said...

B&W is my favourite media. Very good pictures. Do you use a digital camera or are you 'old school'. I use an old Pentax K1000- fully manual.

lindsey said...

your apt is so much cuter than mine!